New construction flooring (builder)


New construction flooring

New construction flooring is an important service that builders offer, and you must choose a company with the experience to provide the perfect options. Specific flooring types, characteristics, and lifespan opportunities are essential to serving a broad client base, especially in multi-family dwellings. Finding the perfect fit for your needs can provide stress-free and efficient results that help your and your client's needs best.

What are your flooring options?

You may wonder which products are best for new constructions, and you're not alone. We often take time to help builders choose the best flooring for construction projects of any type or size. If you have pre-existing requirements and need specific flooring types, let us know what they are, and we'll see that you get the perfect match.

We offer an extensive lineup of floor coverings, including carpet, hardwood, luxury vinyl, and laminate, and we can answer all your questions about how they could work for you. Each product provides specific characteristics and benefits, but they also come with detailed installation requirements and maintenance needs. We are proud to carry an extensive range of flooring for builders and property management, so contact us if you need more information.



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Making the most of our partnership

When you're ready to discuss your new flooring needs, give us all the pertinent information so we can help you promptly and efficiently. If you're working within the confines of a time frame, share that information with us, and we'll do our best to schedule along with you. No matter your needs, stop by and speak with a staff member about your construction flooring requirements and allow us to meet them.

Get the best flooring for construction at our store

Tri Star Flooring & Window Coverings offers an extensive line of flooring and services to ensure your needs are met, no matter your project size. We take this crucial building step seriously and help with products, materials, designs, colors, and sizes that reach the broadest range of needs throughout the industry. In addition, we help by working on your timeline and ensuring your scheduling requirements are met, which includes any need for acclimation or finishing.

You’re welcome to contact our showroom in Northridge, CA, to speak with our new construction flooring providers, who will be happy to give you information and estimates and answer all your questions. Our reputation includes timely and efficient service and high-quality materials, and we'd love to work together to reach your goals. We proudly serve communities including Northridge, CA, Los Angeles, CA, Simi Valley, CA, Santa Clarita, CA, West Los Angeles, CA, San Diego, CA, Ventura, CA, Oxnard, CA, Santa Anna, CA, and West Lake Village, CA.